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Shirley Bianchi's Been Demoted

"I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood"

-- The Animals

Boy, if you ever want to get on the bad side of a former elected official, just ask them about some later-proven-to-be-horrible decisions they made while they were in office.

One more episode of the wacky sitcom, Me and Shirley, and this'll be the series finale.

When we left our story last episode, I was discussing how former SLO County Supervisor, Shirley Bianchi, started a blog, and then how I went onto her blog and posted some interesting, polite questions, asking her how she feels, these days, about a disastrous vote she made back in 2003, when she, as a SLO County Supervisor, voted to approve the now-failed Tri-W sewer disaster in Los Osos, and how she feels today, now that the SLO County Public Works department just spent the past five years and some $8 million showing the Tri-W disaster to be the exact "infeasible" disaster that I first exposed it to be in my 2004 New Times cover story, Three Blocks Upwind of Downtown.

Then, also in our previous episode, I show how Shirley, for no apparent reason, went on to delete my three super-polite comments on her blog, and how that act earned her immediate induction into the SewerWatch List of Shame Hall of Fame.

Well, turns out there WAS a reason why she deleted all of my super-nice, and polite comments.

She got confused... again.

In a recent blog post, Shirley writes, "Ron (me) does not bother me at all, but thank you for your thoughtfulness. His last post said something like, 'Now we are going to play hardball,' and my thought was, that is OK, but not in my court. So I deleted all of his comments."

Let the hilarity begin... again.

I didn't write that "hardball" crack, that she mentions there.

So, understanding how she thought that a nasty comment from another blog commenter could be mistaken as a comment from me (because, up until that point, I was pretty much the only person leaving comments on her blog), I logged back onto her blog and left this super-polite (as usual) comment:

- - -
    Now I know how Larry David feels in Curb your Enthusiasm, with all of the misunderstandings.

    Shirley, that post wasn't from me.

    I'd never write something like, "Now we are going to play hardball"

    I'm far too polite and kind to write something like that.

    My comments always have the name "Ron" at the (bottom), like this one, and have lots of "Thank you"s, and "Please"s, and "Great Blog, Shirley!"

    No hard feelings, though.

    Shirley writes:

    "So I deleted all of his comments, and if he continues, I'll simply put him in SPAM."

    Now that I've cleared up how I didn't write that "hardball" comment, does that take still stand?

    (I guess I'll find out, huh? If this innocent, nice, polite comment also gets deleted)

Well, guess what?

THAT nice, polite comment was also deleted by Shirl, even AFTER I responded how it wasn't me that left that nasty "hardball" comment, that got all of my original comments deleted to begin with.

So, look what happened there. It's hilarious.

Not only did Shirley delete my excellent (and polite) questions to her on why she approved a colossal disaster in Los Osos, but she deleted them because she, apparently, simply got confused on who was leaving the comment, and when I politely corrected her, she went on to also delete the nice comment I posted that showed it wasn't me that left that "hardball" comment... that, according to Shirley, was the only reason why she deleted my comments to begin with.

But, it actually gets worse for Shirley in this episode of Shirley and Me.

Again, not only did she delete my comment from her blog, where I said it wasn't me that left the nasty "hardball" comment, but she actually kept the original post where she got confused, and said it was me that left the comment on her blog.

Here's the link:

... it's still there.

So damn weird.

She deletes my comments that say, "Uh, Shirl? It wasn't me," yet, she keeps her post where she falsely accuses me of being nasty.


And THAT's coming from a former SLO County Supervisor...that was, you know, elected, and then went on to approve a colossal public works disaster that led to years and years of added pollution to SLO County, and wasted millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars.

And for that reason -- that Shirley said the reason she deleted all of my super-polite comments that showed how she approved a disaster in Los Osos, and then just making up a reason to delete my excellent comments for apparently no other reason than that they were highly embarrassing to her (because those comments discussed her disastrous Tri-W vote), WHILE retaining her post where she still (knowingly) falsely says that she deleted my comments because I left a nasty comment on her blog (that I didn't write) -- Shirley's not only earned a special place in the SewerWatch List of Shame Hall of Fame, but she's also been demoted in the SewerWatch "SLO County Links" list, permanently posted on the right side of this blog.

I did have her blog, Shirley, You Jest, in the sweet second slot, just below Ann Calhoun's excellent blog (at #1, of course), but now, since Shirley's decided to just make up reasons to delete my super-polite comments from her blog just because they call her out on a disastrous decision she made in 2003, Shirley, You Jest has now been demoted in SewerWatch, to below and that's really sayin' something.



  • Ron,

    Just a quick clarification. I wrote the "hardball" comment. She took my comment ("As [Chris] Matthews says on MSNBC, let's play Hardball") out of context as I made a reference to MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, a show she says that she watches.

    The rest of the my comments were not "nasty" by any stretch. If anything, it was a breakdown of the passage of AB2701 through the California Assembly and Senate.

    In any event, Shirley's not worth it. It's her blog. She can do whatever she wants. However, based on her actions, words and assertions, she's uncomfortably abrasive as a person.

    By Blogger Razor Online, at 9:15 AM, August 02, 2011  

  • Aaron, the comments I made on your blog were not nasty either, yet you deleted them. But as you say - not worth it, it's your blog, you can do whatever you want. Based on your actions, you can dish it out, just not take it.

    By Blogger Sewertoons, at 11:57 AM, August 02, 2011  

  • RO writes:

    "Just a quick clarification. I wrote the "hardball" comment. She took my comment ("As [Chris] Matthews says on MSNBC, let's play Hardball") out of context as I made a reference to MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, a show she says that she watches."

    That's an interesting clarification, and thanks for it. And I'm not even saying that "nasty" is a bad thing, especially in that mild case, I'm just saying that I didn't write it.

    And it also means that, by Shirley leaving this:

    ... up on her blog, not only is she (and I'm just going to say it) lying about me writing that remark, and then deleting all of my polite posts because of that lie, but that lie's not even in proper context.

    Perfect! Such a wacky sitcom.

    While I'm here, quick observation:

    Uh, is it just me, or does that ONE anonymous comment that Shirley kept up on that incredibly (and knowingly) inaccurate post, stink of Shirley's "friend"'s "behavior based marketing?"

    I mean?

    "I am sure you are happy to be a private citizen again. Life must be much simpler and sweeter. Folks who have not held an elected office do not understand the legal and fiduciary constraints that focuses a policy-maker's decisions to be within legal guidelines and process..."


    "There is no doubt that those fighting the current County Los Osos sewer project are the most vocal and contentious of activist groups. While they may hate the title of 'Los Osos Sewer Nuts', they have unintentionally earned that very title by their own uncivil behavior, muck-slinging and tabloid-ish marketing techniques. That they publicly chaff over the public's negative perception of their behavior just calls attention to their foolishness even more; and reinforces the public's distaste of them.

    But I digress......
    Thanks for your good work.

    Oh yeah... there it is. Cancha just smell it? The pungent stench.

    By Blogger Ron, at 1:26 PM, August 02, 2011  

  • See, that's the thing, Ron. Shirley is manipulative. She knew I said it, but she throws you under the bus anyway. None of us said anything that was "nasty" or inappropriate.

    It's quite pungent. It's so pungent, methinks her blog shouldn't grace your site blogroll. I wouldn't put up with her if I were you.

    By Blogger Razor Online, at 1:57 PM, August 02, 2011  

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