Friday, November 06, 2015

Two Questions for Upcoming Investigation, Please

Dear Honorable Los Osos CSD Board Members,

I recently read that "one should be kind and positive when respectively making a request of a governing body," which is exactly why I am going to be "kind and positive" when I "respectively" make the following request.

I am requesting that, as part of the upcoming "investigation" into recent LOCSD accounting issues, that the scope of the investigation also include whether the refund checks, containing General Manager, Kathy Kively's signature, and that the LOCSD recently issued to just seven Prohibition Zone property owners for the failed Solution Group's Ponding System/Tri-W assessment -- a property tax assessment that started in 2003, and stays on PZ tax bills until the year 2033 -- was, indeed, a "mistake," as LOCSD Counsel, Mike Seitz, put it in a memo from earlier this year (see clip below), OR whether there was another reason why just seven property owners, with documentable ties to the LOCSD, received a refund for the LOCSD's two failed sewer projects.

As I exposed, in 2013, at this link:

... "more than 4,000" Prohibition Zone property owners (including current LOCSD Board members, I will add) are still stuck paying for those two failed sewer disasters -- the 1999-2000 Solution Group's failed ponding system, and the 2000-2005 LOCSD's failed "mid-town" disaster -- until the year 2033.

Then, just last year, I exposed at this link:

... how just seven (that I know of) Prohibition Zone property owners -- with ties to the LOCSD, I later discovered -- received a partial refund on that exact assessment.

So, with all of that in mind, I "respectively" request that the scope of the upcoming investigation include the following two questions:

1) Was issuing those seven refund checks -- that were issued in 2014, and contain LOCSD General Manager, Kathy Kively's signature -- REALLY a "mistake," OR, was there something a bit more nefarious at work there? ('cause, I must admit, the situation looks very suspicious.) And, if it turns out that it actually was a mistake, how in the heck did a mistake of that magnitude happen within the LOCSD? Details, please.


2) Was it just those seven (7) property owners that received the refund, or were there more?

And that's it. That's all I'm requesting to be added to the investigation. Just those two questions.

The "more than 4,000" other Prohibition Zone property owners that are still stuck paying for those two failed disasters until the year 2033 -- sans refund -- certainly deserve an answer to those questions.

The following is a screen-shot from Mr. Seitz's 3/26/15 memo, where he terms the issuance of those seven refund checks a so-called "mistake:"

- - -
- - -

Again, a quick (and very important) clarification in that paragraph: Mr. Seitz writes, "approximately five (5)..."

That number is actually seven (7), as I show in my story. Furthermore, that seven (7) is just the seven that I exposed in my story (thanks to an excellent source). In other words, that number (7) could be higher, we just don't know, which is why that's another very important question that the investigation should include: Exactly how many PZ property owners received the failed Solution Group's Ponding System/Tri-W assessment refund? Was it just the seven I exposed in my story, or, are there more?

Thank you in advance for adding those two questions to the upcoming independent investigation (and, hopefully, it's truly "independent").

Your continued good work and support of the community is much appreciated.


P.S. This email automatically posted to my blog, SewerWatch, at this link:

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