Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Root

I'm starting to have second thoughts about removing the "comments" section of this blog recently. The comments section, as you might remember, allowed visitors to respond to my articles featured here on SewerWatch. But the comments that were posted were so bad that I had to switch the "Allow Comments?" option to the off position.

However, in the brief time that I did allow feedback, some choice little nuggets of information emerged. And, without a doubt, one of my favorites was this:

"There were many, many public workshops where the citizens of Los Osos were asked over and over what they wanted at the site..."

That's one of my all-time favorite sewer quotes. Because there it is. Quietly hidden in a simple, anonymous comment to a humble blog -- the root.

"What they wanted at the site?"

Wanted? (The root.)

I don't understand. What do you want at the site of your sewer plant? What kind of question is that? Why was it even asked? Prior to Los Osos, was it ever uttered once in the history of civil engineering? What do you want at the site of your sewer plant? I'll tell you what I want at the site of my sewer plant: A sewer plant! A sewer plant, a chain link fence, and about 10 signs on that fence saying: "Stay Away -- Sewer Plant!"

(Keep in mind, it's o.k. if my sewer plant site doesn't look fancy, because as we all know now, without the park element in the LOCSD project, there's no rational to site the project at the "centrally located" Tri-W. My sewer plant site wouldn't have to accomplish the "project objective" of "centrally located amenities," so I could hide it outside of town. Who cares what it looks like?)

I have two questions: 1) Why was there more than ONE "workshop" on what you want at the site of your sewer plant, let alone "many, many?" And 2) Why did the first workshop last longer than 3 minutes?

Here's how I would have have conducted that first "workshop:"

(In script form for maximum comedic effect)

Me: This meeting, errrrr, workshop, is now in session. Everyone in favor of our sewer plant site containing a sewer plant and a chain link fence, say "AYE."

The other 17 people in the room: AYE!!!

Me: All opposed?

The other 17 people in the room:

Me: Beer time.

I just timed it, that first "workshop" should have lasted about 30 seconds. But, unfortunately for Los Osos taxpayers, it didn't, and the discussion of what Los Osos "wanted" in their sewer plant continued at "many, many" "workshops." Apparently, those 17 people (that's just a guestimate... it may have been as many as 19 people at those "public workshops"), and their "out-of-the-box" thinking, really, really wanted a park in their sewer plant. The ugly weed that is the "park" in the "sewer-park," and can not be pulled, was sprouted from the seed of those "workshops." The root.


Before I log off here, I just wanted to mention that I'm working on a couple of interesting, new stories on the project. I should have some updates by next week. Please check back (and feel free to click on the donate button to the right... help keep me motivated)

'til next time.


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