Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Healing, My Friend, is Blowin' in the Wind

"Please do NOT copy the concepts in your letter, otherwise, the media will recognize our efforts as a group effort and we lose our credibility."
-- Pandora Nash-Karner

One minute after I left the following comment on Ann Calhoun's amazing blog this morning:

    For years, I've heard and read that "Los Osos is a divided community."

    I don't see it, unless you consider the following a divided community:

    - 95% of Los Osos wants the lowest priced sewer system possible with a treatment facility out of town... just like it's been ever since the the Solution Group's plan failed in late 2000 (and the only reason the "yes" vote wasn't 95% in the 218 vote is because the county, for no good reason at all other than behind the scenes pressure from Tri-W's developers, left the Tri-W project on the table as a "viable alternative.")

    - 4.9999% doesn't want a sewer at all.

    - And .0001% are the bitter, malicious people that developed Tri-W, and their ones of supporters, and it's THAT .0001% that have all created creepy anonymous names and incessantly post to ALL of the blogs, and coordinate their silly letter-to-the-editor campaigns, and manufacture labels/slogans ("anti-sewer obstructionists") without regard to the truth, and sneak around behind the scenes trying to influence whomever they possibly can, including county staff and elected officials like Blakeslee. In other words, "behavior based marketing."

    And, because that .0001% does all of that -- and has since the Solution Group's plan failed in late 2000 -- IT APPEARS that there's some sort of massive division in the community, when there's not, as the 218 vote clearly shows.

    That .0001% percent does so much harm to Los Osos. And, I, for one, have had it. So, I'm doing my little part to stop them from continuing to tear Los Osos apart, as they have over the last eight years, by not allowing comments in future posts on my blog (and I'm working on a doozie of a post... killer stuff!).

    Now watch, the only people that will bitch are the same .0001% that I mentioned above.

    .0001%, your days are over at SewerWatch.

    It's up to Ann whether she lets them continue their hate campaign here -- a hate campaign based on nothing more than the fact that they developed an embarrassing sewer project just to CYA, got caught, were bounced from office, and now they'll do ANYTHING to keep the focus away from the history of the Tri-W project, from 1999 - 2004. ANYTHING... including the continued tattering of Los Osos' community fabric.

    It's so disgusting.

    .0001% a "division" does not make.


... one minute after I posted that, I checked my e-mail, and received this from LOCSD Director, Julie Tacker:

    - - -
    To: Sandra Duerr, Executive Editor, The Tribune

    Thanks for printing the Viewpoint Monday, that was helpful. I wish people (including the Trib) would understand the real issue in Los Osos is water and that the current project/s put forth in the County's Fine Screening report DO NOT address water recharge and shirk that responsibility by shifting the burden over to the water purveyors (which have the same customer base, who can't afford $25,000-$57,000 over 30 years, to pay for further improvements).

    My request today of you is to please monitor your blog/posting site. My children can access it and there are some comments made by people about my personal life and should not be posting the things they do. To protect my kids I request you remove comments that are directed at my personal life. The comments are so inaccurate it sickens me and of course they will hurt my kids.

    Thanks again,

    - - -

And Sandra Duerr, Executive Editor, The Tribune, replied:

    - - -
    Julie: We are taking down the post-a-comments on Los Osos stories and will work to take down the discussion board too.

    - - -

Los Osos, I swear, if I turn, and catch the wind just right, I can close my eyes and smell it... the sweet, sweet scent of healing.