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I Feel Sorry for SLO County Public Works Director, Paavo Ogren

[Note: It's a rainy Sunday morning, so I thought I'd pour another cup of coffee, and cross-post my latest comment from Ann Calhoun's blog, here on SewerWatch. That way, I can e-mail Paavo Ogren, and show him my post... easier if I just link it to my blog.]

Here's my comment, in reply to Ann's piece, Start Yer Sewer Engines, Part II

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Ann wrote:

"And for sheer weirdness, there’s a question asking what locations for the treatment facility site folks want and there, at the top of the list of choices, is “mid-town: aka Tri-W site” even though all the reports made it clear the county had no intention of putting the treatment plant there, that Tri-W came in dead last on the TAC report and Dr. T’s report, yet there it is."

What an embarrassment for the county.

Sometimes I feel sorry for SLO County Public Works Director, Paavo Ogren.

His allegiance to Nash-Karner -- because Nash-Karner, as vice-president of the LOCSD in 1999, HIRED Ogren to be her General Manager -- is, well, embarrassing.

And, here we are, 10 f-ing years later, and Ogren is STILL doing this crap:

"... at the top of the list of choices, is “mid-town: aka Tri-W site”

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MEMO TO PAAVO OGREN: You see... there's this thing called the Internet, that has these things called blogs, where anyone can go and read stuff. And one of those blogs is called SewerWatch, and... uh, nevermind.
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Back on Nov. 20, 2006, I wrote a piece titled, Fourth Time's a Charm? The Stupidest Election Ever, at this link:

[Note: Back in 2006, Ogren was calling the current "survey," an "election," until, apparently, someone from the County's Council office got to him, and explained what a HUGE mistake it was to refer to it as an "election," so they all started calling it a "survey."]

And, in that piece, I write that if the Tri-W site is anywhere near that survey, it would be a complete embarrassment, all the way around.

(In that piece, one of my favorite highlights is this:

"How's this for a novel idea, Los Osos? Let wastewater engineers select the location for your wastewater plant, not voters that know little about things like percolation rates or liquefaction, and especially not Parks Commissioners -- especially not Parks Commissioners. I think we're ALL in agreement there, Parks Commissioners should not be selecting sewer plant locations."

... had to highlight that.)

If anyone goes and reads that post (and I HIGHLY recommend that you do), please keep in mind the date that I published it -- late '06.

[Another note about that piece, you'll see that I say stuff like, "... wait until that election rolls around next Spring." At the time I wrote that, Ogren was saying the "survey," that hit Ann's mailbox last week, was going to be conducted in the Spring of '07... just missed it Paav.]

I have a question: If Nash-Karner is able to behavior-base-market, AGAIN, the people of Los Osos into supporting her cover-up, will County officials be constructing a picnic area, amphitheater, and tot lot in THEIR sewer plant?

They'll have to, if they plan on building Nash-Karner's cover-up.


Will the county also needlessly, and illegally, override the entire environmental review process -- a process that pointed to downwind, out of town sites -- like Nash-Karner's CSD did, in order to put a picnic area in THEIR sewer plant?

I LOVE "election" time in Los Osos. It's the best.

[One last note: That link on the word "illegally," is absolutely saturated with excellent, primary sources, ALL of them dug up exclusively by SewerWatch, as usual.]

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That's the end of the comment. Now, here's the e-mail I just sent to Ogren:

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Hello Paavo,

Howya been?

How 'bout those Lakers?!!

Real quick, I posted something on my blog that mentions you, and I thought you might find it interesting. Here's the link:

'til next time...

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