Monday, May 31, 2010

More 2010 SLO County Election Coverage, SewerWatch Style: "The Sequence," Revisited

Last year, I published a piece where I chronicled how SLO County Supervisor, Bruce Gibson, (re)appointed Los Osos resident, Pandora Nash-Karner, to the SLO County Parks Commission in 2007, AFTER she developed, and then implemented, a "strategy" (her word) to have the entire town of Los Osos "fined out of existence" (also her words).

With just one week to go before the District 2 Supervisor race, I thought now would be an EXCELLENT time to revisit that piece.

You can read all about that nauseating sequence of events at this link:

Quick update: Gibson's yet to reply to my question from last week on whether or not he supports Nash-Karner's massive SLO Boatanical Garden expansion, just off Highway 1, between Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo.

And, you can read all about THAT nauseating sequence of events at this link:



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