Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dan Dow's "Disgusting" (and highly paid) Political "Consultant" [finger quotes] Question for SLO County District Attorney Candidate, Judge Mike Cummins

Hello Judge Mike,

I'm a SLO County based blogger, and I'm researching a story involving "slimy" "political consultants," like, locally, Tom Fulks and Pandora Nash-Karner, that get paid big bucks to sneak around behind-the-scenes during election season to (or, at least attempt to) destroy the lives of anyone that is not on their clients' side.

Now, I was recently going over your opponent's campaign finance disclosures, and those documents show that the "Dan Dow for District Attorney 2018" committee pays a political consulting firm, "Axiom Strategies LLC," tens of thousands of dollars for "consulting" [finger quotes] work.

And if you do a quick Google search, you will find that Axiom is headed-up by someone named Jeff Roe.

And, in that same quick Google search, you will also discover that Jeff Roe, apparently, is a very "disgusting human being."

For example, at this link:

... it reads:

"Today, Broomfield (an opponent of one of Roe's clients) says he regrets not pressing charges against (Axiom). 'They’ll do anything,' Broomfield says of Roe and his associates. 'There's no limit.'"


"In the 2006 election, (Roe's client's) Democratic challenger was 62-year-old Sara Jo Shettles, who once held a job selling ads for a science magazine owned by the parent company of Penthouse. The (Roe) camp accused her of having a 'Pornographic Connection,' and ran a TV ad that displayed a large 'XXX' beside her picture, as an announcer warned that she had 'outrageous values.' Roe defended the attack."


"Roe didn't only target Democrats. During a 2006 state Senate race, he dug up a painful episode from the past of Joe Brazil, a fellow Republican running against Roe’s preferred candidate... In March 2007, Brazil sued Roe for defamation... 'Jeff Roe is a disgusting human being,' he says. 'He leaves a path of destruction.'"

And, at this link:

... it reads:

"Days after the (Axiom produced) spot aired, Schweich took his own life. Some of Schweich's friends quickly concluded the ad played a role in the suicide and accused Roe of bullying the candidate. Former U.S. Sen. Jack Danforth urged Republicans to walk away from Roe, a request he repeated last week. 'We should disassociate ourselves from anyone who conducts this sort of campaign,' he said in an email."


"(Roe has) hired operatives to track opponents with video cameras, leading some to complain of unnecessary provocation and to file complaints with police. His deep research into his opponents’ personal records is legendary. He’s been accused of orchestrating a lawsuit to gain access to a candidate’s personal papers."


"Missouri state Sen. Mike Parson... repeated his sharp criticism of Roe's tactics last week. 'For some reason, we say it’s OK to win at all costs... But it's not OK to win at all costs when you've got to destroy somebody's lives… This has been going on for way too long, and it needs to stop.'"

And, at the following link, headlined: "Jeff Roe was the biggest loser in Kansas City's primaries":

... it reads:

"Four candidates for the Kansas City Council say they hired Jeff Roe's Axiom Strategies to help them win in Tuesday night's primaries... Roe, the badly tarnished Kansas City area political consultant who often uses slimy tactics to try to win elections, couldn’t help pull any of the candidates through to victory."


"(Roe's client) Wright's loss was the most satisfying for people who are thoroughly disgusted by Roe and all he stands for in his often-shady way of running campaigns."


"... in reference to Roe, Davis said people 'need to run that guy out of town.'"


"Greitens (a Roe client opponent) wrote a letter to supporters calling out Roe and his allies specifically. He called them snakes. He said they were shameful and disgusting. 'Liars, cowards, sociopaths,' he wrote. 'They are often deeply broken and disturbed people, who — like criminals who prey on the innocent — take their pleasure and make their living by victimizing honest people.'"

And, at this link:

... it reads:

"They ('slimy' political 'consultants,' like Roe [and, I'll go-ahead in toss in, locally, Fulks and Nash-Karner]) are drawn to politics as vultures flock to rotting meat—and they feed off the carcasses of vice. Every lie makes them money. Every fake website, fake Facebook account that spouts falsehoods makes them cash. They pay kids to follow you (and your spouse) around with a camera, and they often pay those same kids to shout questions at you—and in this they profit. They engage in the lowest of tactics, the most slanderous lies—and all the while their bank balances rise."


"They stand in such stark contrast to the honest people who make up most of Missouri, that it takes a leap of imagination for normal people to even understand how crooked many people in the business of politics are. They are corrupt in ways that I didn’t know people could be corrupt."

Now, with all of that in mind, I'm just curious: Have you, during this campaign season, experienced any of that?

Have you, as an opponent of one of Roe's clients (Dan Dow), experienced any of the "disgusting," slimy," "crooked," "corrupt," "deeply disturbed," campaign "tactics," by Dow's highly paid, "broken and disturbed," "liars, cowards, sociopath(s)," and "badly tarnished" "consultants" [finger quotes] that, "to win at all costs," are highly paid to "destroy lives?"

Have you experienced any of that during this campaign season?

I (and, I'm sure, the K.C. Star, that I've cc'd on this email) would be very interested in hearing your takes, if any, involving Dan Dow's highly paid, "disgusting" "consultant" [finger quotes] (and, notice no "finger quotes" on the word "disgusting") Jeff Roe, and his Axiom "Strategies" [finger quotes].

If you have any questions, please just ask.

Thank you for your time,
- - - - -

P.S. I practice an exclusive editorial policy that I term, "Open Source Journalism," where I cc my reporting emails, like this one, to various media outlets and members of the public. I also post them on my blog, where I have already posted this email. It's at this link:

If you choose to reply, I'll also publish your response.

Thanks again! :-)



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