Friday, September 02, 2005

Another SewerWatch Exclusive: Uh-Oh for LO -- Morro Bay Park Decision Could Spell D-O-O-M for LOCSD Project

LOCSD, you should just stop now.

Forget the recall election, just stop now. You f'd up... bad.

A recent decision regarding a park in Morro Bay could easily doom the entire Los Osos sewer project. It would be a slam dunk.

According to today's Tribune, "A judge has ruled that the city of Morro Bay can't single out one subdivision to pay for a public park."

That exact argument can be applied to the LOCSD sewer project, because that project, inexplicably, includes a public park that the entire community will benefit from, but only a portion of the community will pay for.

According to the article, "Some Cloisters residents said forcing them alone to maintain the park is both illegal and unfair because everyone can use it."

Judge Hilton agreed.

If he were to rule the same in the Los Osos sewer project -- and considering the precedence, there's really no reason why he wouldn't -- then a funding mess for the LOCSD would result.

The question is obvious:

Does this mean the property owners outside of the "prohibition zone" -- that have so far been completely immune to any sewer related fees -- would now have to pay for part of the sewer... the part that contains the $2.3 million park along with its estimated $150,000 yearly maintenance?

According to Judge Hilton, the answer to that question is "yes."

Which poses another question:

How will the property owners outside of the prohibition zone feel about suddenly being forced to pay for an expensive park, slap-dab next to a sewer plant? A park that they never had a voice in.

Of course, SewerWatch will continue to follow this very interesting story.



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