Friday, February 26, 2010

SLO County Parks Department Uses Commissioner Nash-Karner's Home for "Retreat," and Conducts Public Business

TO: Curtis Black, Deputy Director, SLO County Parks Department
DATE: 2/26/10

Dear Mr. Black,

On the "Previous Parks Commission Meeting Minutes" page at this link:

... it reads (for the 1/28/10 meeting):

"Commissioner Hilton thanked Commissioner Nash-Karner for the use of her home for the Park Commission retreat."


"12. Update on Needs Assessment and Approval of a Commissioner(s) to Participate on the Needs Assessment Team. Dileo said she provided an update at Park Commission retreat but asked at that time for a committee be created to assist with review. Commissioners Gonzales and Nash-Karner volunteered and both were appointed to the needs assessment committee. Dorothy Jennings commented on needs assessment development model."


"Curtis Black said staff has withdrawn their recommendation to pursue the tri-W project."

Please consider this e-mail a public records request for ALL documents associated with the above mentioned "retreat" -- including how it was arranged, and what was discussed at it -- and for ALL documents associated with the SLO County Parks Dept.'s "recommendation to pursue the tri-W project."

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter,



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