Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yin/Yang-in' It!

Of all the journalism devices I employ, one of my favorites is my own invention: The "Yin/Yang It!"

It tells such a great story, in about as tight (and funny) a fashion as you can imagine.


"Just look at the SEVEN (7) FPPC complaints filed by (Taxpayers Watch) that were ALL accepted and being investigated by the (Fair Political Practices Commission). You can trust the FPPC to 'do what is right', and fine and prosecute those being investigated..."
-- Recalled LOCSD Director, "Richard LeGros," posted on SewerWatch, 2/9/10


"The Commission has completed a review of the forgoing allegations, and closed this case without finding a violation."
-- California Fair Political Practices Commission, from a letter dated, 2/8/10, to former LOCSD Director, Lisa Schicker, regarding a complaint filed by Taxpayers Watch, a "group" consisting of at least one recalled LOCSD Director


[Seven weeks down... 45 to go.]


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