Monday, February 22, 2016

Supervisor Hill / "Facebook Ads" question, please

TO: Sharon McMahan, Treasurer, Friends of Adam Hill, County Supervisor 2016

Hello Sharon,

I'm researching a story, and I was just looking over Supervisor Hill's latest campaign finance disclosure form (Form 460, page 25 embedded at the end of this email), and I'm a little confused on some of the entries, and I was hoping you could help clear up a couple of things.

My question involves the "Nonmonetary Contributions Received" section, where it shows numerous "Nonmonetary Contributions" (with a "Fair Market Value" of over $2,000) from "Adam Hill, District 3 Supervisor," for "Facebook Ads."

That's where I'm a little confused. I'm not clear on how Supervisor Hill can "contribute" Facebook ads to his own campaign. It kind of makes it sound like Supervisor Hill owns Facebook, and he's donating thousands of dollars of "Fair Market Value" ad space from his business to his own campaign.

So, now I'm wondering if those listings might be in the incorrect section of the Form 460, and should actually be listed in the "Payments Made" section.

That seems to make a lot more sense (at least to me it does), where Supervisor Hill's campaign is actually making payments to Facebook for "Facebook Ads."

So, that's my question: In Supervisor Hill's latest Form 460, are the "Facebook Ads," listed in the "Nonmonetary Contributions Received" section, incorrectly listed, and should actually be in the "Payments Made" section?


And, if they are correctly listed in the "Nonmonetary Contributions Received" section, how does that work, where Supervisor Hill can donate thousands of dollars of "Facebook ads," with a "Fair Market Value" down to the penny, to his own campaign? I don't understand. Please explain.

I'm sure everything's on the up and up, I'm just a little confused on the donated Facebook ads because I don't see that arrangement on other candidates' 460s.

Thank you,

P.S. Below's the screen shot of the 460, and I also wanted to let you know that this email automatically posted to my blog, SewerWatch, at this link:

Thanks again : -)
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