Sunday, September 25, 2005

What a "strongly held community value" looks like in Los Osos

Here's what a "strongly held community value" looks like in Los Osos:

"Our waste water treatment facility(s) is based on a natural biological process rather than mechanical system approach to the highest extent possible. These facilities have become a visual and recreational asset to the community."

That quote, from the 1995 Vision Statement, is the sole reason why Los Osos is ripped apart today.

To this day, the Los Osos CSD points to the Vision Statement as the source of the "strongly held community value" that any sewer plant in Los Osos also double as a "visual and recreational asset." That "value" led to the "project objective" of "centrally located community amenities." And that "project objective" led to the only "centrally located" sewer plant site -- Tri-W.

One line, from a 10-year-old document, has led to the downtown sewer plant location and added multi-multi--millions of dollars to the project... and has ripped Los Osos apart. That can not be argued away.

Eight people have their name attached to the 1995 Vision Statement. Two of them are Gary Karner and Pandora Nash-Karner.



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