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Newly Elected SLO County Parks Commission Chair, Bruce Hilton's First Official Act? To Get Jedi Mind Tricked by Pandora Nash-Karner. . . of course

[Note: If you're not familiar with how I first exposed Los Osos resident and professional marketer, Pandora Nash-Karner's penchant to practice something she calls "behavior based marketing," then I HIGHLY recommend reading this post: She is Los Osos, just click here. It's absolutely fascinating, and completely relevant today. And, as I've shown repeatedly on this blog, it's THE reason why there's a massive civics train wreck in Los Osos. As I show in that piece, she can actually "Jedi mind trick" people into doing things they normally wouldn't. Over and over and over again, she does that. For 20 years now, in Los Osos. It's mind blowing. And now, in 2010, I've uncovered ANOTHER excellent example. As you're about to read, she recently Jedi mind tricked SLO County Parks Commission Chair, Bruce Hilton.

Look for it...

"These are not the droids you're looking for."
These are not the droids we're looking for."


"I forgot to mention earlier, that item #8 has been deferred until February. So, item #9 is all yours."
"So with that, we have item #9..."

Beautiful, and may the force be with you!]

- - -
- - -

TO: Bruce Hilton, Chair, SLO County Parks Commission

Dear Mr. Hilton,

I was listening to the recording of the 1/28/10 Parks Commission meeting, and something very strange seemed to happen at that meeting that I'm not clear on. It involves you, so I was hoping you could help explain it to me.

First, the agenda order on the recording is different than that of both the posted agenda, and even the agenda order listed in the minutes, at this link:

Item #2 is:

- - -
2. Nominations and Election of Commission Chair and Vice-Chair. Commissioner Nash-Karner nominated Commissioner Hilton for Chairman, seconded by Commissioner Mathews. Motion passed 4-0. Commissioner Hilton nominated Commissioner Gonzales for Vice-Chairman, seconded by Commissioner Nash-Karner. Motion passed 4-0.
- - -

However, on the recording, that agenda item is not #2. It's item #7 (for reasons I'm also not clear on), and here's why that appears to be a HUGE problem.

Immediately after that motion passed, I can hear the sound of applause from the people in attendance -- which, apparently, consisted of the Commissioners, Parks' staff, and one member of the public -- congratulating you on your election to the Chair.

I can also hear you say, "I'll take the gavel."

Then, immediately after the gavel was passed to you -- after YOU were now the Chair, and, therefore responsible for how the meeting was conducted -- Commissioner Nash-Karner, all of a sudden, says, "Um, I forgot to mention earlier, that item #8 has been deferred until February."

Then, you pause, and say, "O.K."

Then, she says, "So, item #9 is all yours."

Then, you say, "So with that, we have item #9..."

Here's my question: Considering that Nash-Karner "forgot to mention" that item #8 had been "deferred," shouldn't item #8 have been your first official item to discuss, and not item #9?

With this quote:

"Um, I forgot to mention earlier, that item #8 has been deferred until February."

... it seems like she acted as the Chair, AFTER you were elected Chair.

The reason I'm extremely concerned about this matter, is because it goes right to the heart of my complaint that I filed recently with the SLO County District Attorney's office involving possible (and egregious) Brown Act violations by the SLO County Parks Commission.

You can read my complaint at this link:

As you'll see, my complaint involves only ONE item from the January 28, 2010, meeting -- item #8, of course.

Where it read:

"(Item) 8: Proposal from San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardens – Dave Porter (7:00)"

And, as I exposed in a recent investigative piece, Supervisor Bruce Gibson's appointment to the SLO County Parks Commission, Pandora Nash-Karner, also sits on the Board of Directors for the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden -- a facility that leases County-owned land, is discussed at Parks Commission meetings, and is also planning a "$20 million" expansion, and, according to their executive director, the one proposal they've received to design the project is from the SWA Group, where Nash-Karner's husband, Gary Karner, is a "Managing Principal and Senior Project Manager for 27 years and is currently retained by SWA," according to his bio.

So, as you can imagine, I'm more than a little confused on what transpired at the 1/28/10 meeting -- between your election as Chair, and former Chair, Pandora Nash-Karner, and item #8.

It appears like that was ANOTHER egregious violation of the Brown Act, and, if so, I'd like to add it to my original complaint with the DA's office.

But it's all so sneaky and confusing, that I'm not entirely sure it's even a Brown Act violation.

So, with all of that in mind...

Shouldn't YOU have handled the discussion for item #8? After all, you were the Chair at the time.

And, why was it "deferred?" Why was there no discussion on that item? Why wasn't a staff report for that posted item included in the agenda packet? What in the heck happened there?

By the way, item #8 WASN'T "deferred until February," of course.

Thank you for your prompt reply to this very important matter,

I'll soon be publishing this e-mail on my blog:


[Nine weeks down... 43 to go.]


  • Ah, I see the old Bait & Switchy at work, eh? Well, that's how it's done. Watch and learn!

    By Blogger Churadogs, at 5:06 AM, March 03, 2010  

  • Chura wrote:

    "Well, that's how it's done."

    That IS how it's done.

    And the interesting(er) thing is, she's SOOOOO sneaky with the way she goes about her business, that, like I wrote, I'm not even sure what she did at that meeting was even a violation of the Brown Act.

    I've looked, and I can't seem to find that code in the Brown Act's language. I think she out-snuck (if you will) lawmakers.

    Apparently, lawmakers, while drafting the Brown Act, weren't anticipating the "fake Chair gavel pass, double-back to disappear posted agenda item, Jedi mind trick new Chair" scam.

    It never occurred to legislators that someone would actually do that. Can't say I blame them.

    Personally, I've come to LOVE to watch her work. She is absolutely fascinating.

    And she's been doing that Jedi mind trick/bait and switchy crap for 20 years in Los Osos. 20 f-ing years!

    Oh, is my book going to rock!

    By Blogger Ron, at 9:11 AM, March 03, 2010  

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