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Did Nash-Karner Blackout, or Did Supervisor Gibson Lie to Me? I Never Got an Answer. . . Of Course

So, just to wrap up my "Election Coverage 2010" (And, yes, I'm deeply disappointed that only one person challenged Gibson, which means that my election coverage wraps up now, instead of November)...

I never received an answer from either Supervisor Gibson, OR, his Parks Commissioner, Pandora Nash-Karner, on whether Nash-Karner blacked-out, of if Gibson lied to me... it has to be one of the two:

- - -

[Originally published on 3/15/20]

TO: Pandora Nash-Karner, SLO County Parks Commissioner, 2nd District
DATE: 3/15/10

Dear Commissioner Nash-Karner,

The reason I'm writing you today, is because I was hoping that you could help settle a bet between me, and SLO County Supervisor, Bruce Gibson. (Well, technically, it's not really a "bet," but, I thought "settling a bet" sounded cool, and since I'll be publishing this e-mail on my blog, and because the subject of this e-mail is kinda-sorta "bet-like," we'll just go with that metaphor... for now.)

And to make this story even juicier, ONLY you can settle this bet. Think about that. Out of the 6-7 billion people on this planet, only ONE person can settle this bet. You.

So, here's the deal:

On the recording of the 1/28/10 Parks Commission meeting (that I obtained a copy of through a public records request), I can hear Parks Department staff tell your board that Supervisor Gibson recently requested that Parks staff withdraw an application for some $5 million in Proposition 84 funding for a park project that you are proposing at the Tri-W site, in Los Osos.

Also on the recording, you appear to be very surprised to hear that information. You say things like, "I had no idea," and, "What were the reasons Bruce gave (for withdrawing the application)," and "I didn't realize we had sent this (request)."

Furthermore, judging from your reaction to the news that the Prop 84 funding was being yanked, that project -- the Tri-W park project -- seems EXTREMELY important to you.

Now, I've since contacted Supervisor Gibson, asking him why he didn't notify you -- his own appointment to the Parks Commission -- about his request to withdraw the application for the Prop 84 funding for your Tri-W park project, BEFORE that 1/28/10 meeting.

Here's where it gets weird(er):

He's told me that he actually DID make you aware of his request before that meeting. He, and SLO County Parks Director, Curtis Black (who answered my questions to Supervisor Gibson on Gibson's "behalf"), indicate that, perhaps, due to your workload, you simply don't remember him informing you on the Prop 84/Tri-W subject.

In a recent e-mail to me, Curtis Black writes, "Supervisor Gibson shared the Tri-W and Prop 84 information with Commissioner Nash-Karner prior to the 1/28/2010 PRC meeting," and, "I do not know why she did not recall the information that evening but it is understandable to me considering the demands that are placed on her time."

Here's where you come in, Commissioner Nash-Karner. Here's where you -- and ONLY you -- can settle our little "bet."

Who's right?

Is Supervisor Gibson right, in that he made you aware of that information BEFORE the 1/28/10 meeting, and you then suffered a complete memory blackout at that meeting?


Am I right, in that, based on the fact that you said things like, "What were the reasons Bruce gave (for withdrawing the application)," and, "I had no idea," at that meeting, that he DIDN'T make you aware of the Tri-W/Prop 84 information before the meeting, and, therefore, he's now lying to me when he says that he did?

So, who's right?

Did you suffer a complete memory blackout on a subject that is very, very important to you, OR, is Supervisor Gibson lying to me?

Which one?

Finally, one more quick question, please...

Los Osos CSD president, Marshall Ochylski, recently made it official that he will be challenging Supervisor Gibson for 2nd District Supervisor this election year. If memory serves, you, as a former LOCSD Director yourself, supported Mr. Ochylski in 2008 as a candidate for the LOCSD Board of Directors. And, as I've shown numerous times on my blog, you also publicly endorsed, and financially supported, Bruce Gibson when he was running for Supervisor in 2006.

Here's my question: Will you also be publicly endorsing, and financially supporting, Supervisor Gibson this election year?

As always, much thanks,


[23 weeks down... 29 to go.]


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