Friday, November 12, 2010

Plugged Holes Lead to Closed Loops:
"$3,869.04?" Oh, the Girl is SO Sneaky!

Now that I've exposed (just last week) a January, 1998, letter from the local Water Board addressed directly to Los Osos residents, Gary Karner, and Pandora Nash-Karner, that, when combined with other official documents, shows that, beginning in 1997, the husband and wife couple deliberately created the Los Osos sewer disaster solely so they could make money, it's now fun to mix and match that letter with other documents that I've exposed over the years, to REALLY hammer home the fact that the Karners deliberately created the Los Osos sewer disaster, solely to make money.

For example, I've already shown how "the professional services" of Karner's SWA Group were immediately "retained" by the 1999 LOCSD (with Nash-Karner as vice-president), shortly after Karner and his wife, tricked Los Osos voters into forming the CSD in the first place.

Turns out, their scam ALSO created work for Nash-Karner's business, as well.

According to a 2005 elections document, that I've made available for public download at this link:

... Nash-Karner paid herself "3,869.04."

To me, the REAL significance in that figure, isn't that it's $3,869.04 that she never would have made had she not deliberately created the Los Osos sewer disaster in the first place (although that is a KEY point).


To me, the REAL significance of that figure is it shows the incredible level of sneakiness she employs.

This is great.

What that 2005 document is, is an official list of campaign contributions and expenditures for a Political Action Committee (PAC) that Nash-Karner formed in 2004, called the "Save the Dream Coalition."

The only reason she was able to form that coalition in the first place, is because, by 2004, the CSD that she and her husband were solely responsible for creating, was under massive public pressure -- BECAUSE of the sewer disaster that she and her husband deliberately created in order to maker money -- and her friends/apparent co-conspirators on the Los Osos CSD Board of Directors were on the verge of being recalled, which would mean that, if the recall election was successful, the cash-machine that she and her husband relied on for the past six years, would dry up, and she just couldn't let that happen (although, the recall ultimately was successful.)

So, she formed the "Save the Dream Coalition" to fight the recall effort, and, immediately, of course, began collecting contributions.

In a series of 2005 e-mails, that I originally made available for public download at this link:

... Nash-Karner actually creates a "strategy" to have her entire town "fined out of existence," simply because the town didn't vote her way in the recall election, and, in those e-mails, Nash-Karner writes, "SAVE THE DREAM COALITION, Pandora Nash-Karner, Chair."

Now, here's the fun part.

Go to page 12 of that above-linked "Save the Dream Coalition" campaign statement.

There, on page 12, it reads:

"Payments Made"

Then, under "Name and Address of Payee," it reads:

"Pandora & Company
350 Mitchell dr
Los Osos, CA 93402"


"Amount: $3869.04" for developing "campaign literature and mailings."

Now, click on this link:

... and what you'll discover is that Pandora & Company is Nash-Karner's own marketing business.

So, look what she did there, it's GREAT!

Not only did she deliberately create the Los Sewer disaster in 1998 so her husband's firm could get paid, but, eventually she was able to skim off cash as well for HER business, and in the sneakiest of ways.

You'll notice that nowhere in her "Save the Dream Coalition" official election statement does it read, "SAVE THE DREAM COALITION, Pandora Nash-Karner, Chair."

So, no one reading that statement would know that Pandora & Company is actually owned by the "Save the Dream Coalition" "Chair."

Without those two critical bits of information -- that Nash-Karner is the "Chair" of the "Save the Dream Coalition," AND that Pandora & Co. is her own marketing business, a person would have no way of knowing, just by looking at her official campaign statement, that her own PAC, hired her own business.

And, what that shows, is the over-the-top sneaky lengths she is willing to go through to cover her money-making tracks. (Good thing SewerWatch is around, eh?)

And, the kicker? Nash-Karner's PAC would have never existed -- and therefore, that "$3,869.04" would have also never existed -- had she and her husband not deliberately created the Los Osos sewer disaster to begin with.

And that's just ONE example (albeit, a great, highly specific example) on how the Karners cashed in on their own self-made disaster, yet, that excellent example is all I need to close my loop -- my great and tight, "The Karners deliberately created the Los Osos sewer disaster solely to make money," loop.

With that level of sneakiness at work here, I can only imagine the other great examples that would surface, with a little subpoena power sprinkled in.

I've said it before, I'll say it again:

Nice work, if you can manufacture it... by deliberately creating a sewer disaster, just ask Nash-Karner's consulting friends.


[NOTE: It also needs to be noted, that the STD campaign statement mentioned above also includes two contributions of "$10,000" each. The contributions came from two of the contractors from the Tri-W disaster (including MWH), and both contributions came immediately AFTER the recall election. Shortly after those donations came into her PAC, Nash-Karner began to financially donate to the "Bruce Gibson for Supervisor," campaign, as I first exposed at this excellent link:]

[45 weeks down... 7 to go.]


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